Digital for transformational growth

A series of virtual events for leaders of ambitious SME businesses whose growth is restricted by IT related challenges

November 12 2020

Join FluidIT and guest speakers from fast-growing SMEs for a series of monthly breakfast events starting in December.

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We'll share tips to overcome IT challenges such as: 

  • Concern that core systems are no longer fit for purpose or won't scale
  • Frustratingly manual processes and workarounds that slow down your team
  • Having lots of data but struggling to turn it into meaningful information

Digital quick wins, 9 December, 2020 8-9am
Guest speaker: John Lewthwaite, CEO, Checkmate Fire

Buying a new system is not the only way to overcome IT challenges. Cloud-based solutions can improve automation and analytics by enhancing the systems you already have. 


Why IT projects fail, 13 January 2021 8-9 AM
Guest speaker: Simon Cookson, Northern Value Creators

A staggering 80% of IT projects are unsuccessful. We'll explore the reasons why and suggest a better approach: people, processes and then technology.

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Fail to plan, plan to fail, 10 February 2021 8-9 AM
Guest speaker: Daniel Whittle, MD, Whitby Seafoods

Creating an achievable digital transformation plan can feel like a daunting task. We'll outline an incremental approach to IT planning that delivers value faster and reduces risk.

IT maturity,10 March 2021 8-9 AM
Guest speaker: Tom Ainscough, Ops & IT Director, Zyrofisher

Fast growing businesses can quickly outpace their IT provision. We'll show what good IT capability looks like and discuss concerns around system limitations, performance, and supplier management.

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